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SmartFone - Net2MAX Plans

What is SmartFone ONE?

SmartFoneAfter nearly 10 years of research & development, we're proud to introduce SmartFone, your NEW, Low Cost, Global Broadband Phone Service.

It's CHEAPER & MORE FLEXIBLE than your 'regular' phone account and provides MORE FEATURES than you ever imagined!

Built on the Internet's #1 VoIP platform, Net2MAX, SmartFone integrates the global phone systems with the Internet allowing YOU to actively control the whole communication process, not just talk passively on the phone. [Net2MAX Overview]

SmartFone combines the best of breed from many differing phone and data networks and combines them into one globally integrated service to become your Personal Communication Centre.

VoIP - The New Disruptive Technology

Basically, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to make phone calls over the internet. If you are phoning another person using the same VoIP provider then the call will be totally free. Skype made this idea popular but Skype has many limitations.

VoIP is called a 'Disruptive Technology', because it will totally replace (disrupt) the current telephone technology... like the way typweriters gave way to PC Word Processors. Industry gurus are saying VoIP is going to totally replace the current phone system (Public Switched Telephone Network - PSTN) by 2010!

What is Broadband Phone?

Broadband phone is simply another term for making a phone call using VoIP over ANY Broadband Internet service, be it ADSL, Cable, Satellite, Wireless, etc. It often also means you do not have to turn your computer on (or have one at all) AND you can use your favourite telephone handset (using a device called an Analog Telephone Adapter).

Broadband internet is becoming all pervasive... ubiquitous. Just like physical audio CD's are giving way to electronic MP3's, compression techniques now allow us to put 10 telephone calls into the same space as ONE call a few years ago.

Industry gurus report that, over the next 10 years, 'regular' POTS phone systems will totally disappear and be replaced by Broadband Phone, using VoIP.

Main Features & Benefits

  • FREE Global Phone Calls (SmartFone to SmartFone)
  • Fantastic National & International Call Rates (Calls to non-SmartFone)
  • Talk Phone to Phone
  • Talk Phone to Computer
  • Talk Computer to Phone
  • Talk Computer to Computer
  • Use Your Current Analog Phone Handset (SmartAdapter required)
  • Answer Internet and PSTN (regular) calls on the same handset (SmartAdapter required)
  • Works with ANY Broadband Service (ADSL, Cable, WiFi, Wireless, Satellite, Powerline)
  • Use a headset or handset connected to your PC (or the PC's mike & speakers)
  • Personal (Inbound) PSTN Phone Number in a City of Your Choice
  • Multiple Local Numbers (eg Sydney, London, LA, Auckland)
  • Local, National & International Tollfree Access Numbers (use like a Phone Card)
  • Call SIP phones on other SIP carriers & networks
  • Better than Skype (more flexible, more powerful, more secure, no PC required)
  • Works without a Computer or while your computer is off
  • PC, Mac & Linux Compatible
  • FREE Phone Calling Software (Soft-Dial Softphone)
  • Use your own SIP hardware or purchase selected devices from our shop
  • Works with any Standards-Based Hardware & Software
  • Transportable Worldwide - Numbers answer anywhere you connect to the net
  • Fantastic Call Rates - Some of the lowest in the industry
  • Secure Login - Edit and Customise your account
  • Real-time Online Call Records - View and print your Call Detail Records (CDR)
  • Feature Rich Modules & Options with Customisable Add-Ons

The Most Comprehensive & Flexible Broadband Phone Platform on the Planet!

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Plan Comparisons (Example Only!)

Monthly Plan Fee
Flagfall (Call Setup Fee)
WebPhone to SmartFone Calls
SmartFone to SmartFone Calls
*National (Aust) Calls from
*Mobile/Cell (Aust) Calls from
*Super-Low International Call Rates
FREE WebPhone Number
FREE WebPhone Software
Wiki & Forum Support
Smart Phone Calling
Global SIP (Internet) Number

PC/Mac/PDA Softphone Access
City PSTN Access
National PSTN Access
Global PSTN Access
Global Access Voicemail
Retrieve Voicemail from Any Phone
Email Delivery of Voicemail
e164 - Free Call Autofinder
^Call Transfer, Call Hold, Do Not Disturb
^3-Way Calling
Online Feature Customization
Secure Online Account Management
Email, Wiki & Forum
Smart Voice & Fax - Connect, Divert & Message
Local City PSTN Number (AU only)
Follow Me / Find Me
CLI & Time Dependent Call Routing
Smart Screen - Block/Accept/Divert
PABX Audio File Upload
Speed Dial - User Quick Dial
Smart Dial - Outbound Call Routing
Trusted Number Origination
Call Rate Table Select (manual/auto)
Carrier Plan Select (manual/auto)
Smart Record - Call Recording
Multimedia Web Email & Storage
Fax to Email
Email to Fax
Printer to Fax
Information Hotline Functions
Instant Messaging Centre
Smart Conference & Collaboration Tools
Group Chat / Audio Conference
Video Broadcast / Video Conference
Whiteboard / Image Conference
Desktop Sharing / Computer Conference
Text Chatroom / Text Conference
Smart Communication Portal
Online Conference & Webinar Room
Online Conference Record
Online Conference Replay
Connect Online Conference to Phone Conference
Telephone Support

* Rates are subject to change without Notice. On some plans SmartCall rates are selectable, per second, per country, per region, per call or per number.
^ Some features are network based and others are dependent on the ATA or Softphone used. Optional ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter or SIP phone) allows you to use your current telephone handset and receive a number of additional features. Digital SIP handsets offer full business functionality.

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Optional Local PSTN Numbers (Inbound)

Inbound PSTN Alias numbers available in 40 Countries.
Additional Local Inbound (PSTN, "regular") numbers are available in Australian Capital Cities (ADL, BNE, CNB, MEL, PER, SYD) for only $1.95 per number. Regional and international numbers cost a little more.
Choose multiple city numbers if you want people in different cities to call you on their regular phone account (non-SmartFone) for the cost of a local call. Alias (point) them to one number in your Web PABX and code them to identify the call source.
Choose multiple numbers for different PABX functions (eg Fax, Audio conference)
Keep your number(s) when you move across town or to another city or country.
Add or delete phone numbers in real time as required.

Feature-Packed Optional Modules

Smart Messaging: IM, SMS & Email - Broadcast, store, forward, conference, notify and even change system settings and turn things on and off.
Smart Charge: Charge callers per minute or per call when they call you (like 1900 service).
Smart IVR: Interactive Voice Response System - Information/Sizzle Hotlines
Smart Calendar: Display and share your appointments online, Control Call diversion by date and time of day.
More (Custom) Features & Modules

1CC Rates1CC Comparisons
1CC Solutions1CC Concept
1CC ModulesVoIP Telephones & Adapters

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VoIP Telephones, Adapters & Software

In order to use ANY VoIP Service Provider (VSP) you will need to translate your voice to a digital signal suitable for transmission over the internet. With SmartFone you can choose from a number of different technologies to suit Home, Soho or Business (SME) applications.

All devices have been extensively tested for best performance and functionality and have powerful features and great user benefits. We also only supply devices which follow "Open Standards" so they will have the greatest compatibility with other technology.

VoIP Telephones & Adapters

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