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Smart IVR & PABX


The Smart PABX is a powerful Inbound Call Routing for both business and personal users.

It is simple but extremely flexible and robust. Once you get a good understanding of it's power you will be amazed at what you can do.

A Web PABX can effectively replace a large expensive hardware based traditional PABX. These are usually installed on your business premises an can cost anywhere up to $10,000 (and sometimes more) with similar functionality.

  • Simple but powerful Auto-Attendant (IVR - Interactive Voice Response) functions
  • Accepts calls from local (PSTN) phone number(s) or internet phone number(s)
  • Maps your Local City Phone Number(s) to your 1CC accounts.
  • Instantly programmable through a personal web page.
  • Time of day, CLI (Caller Line ID), concurrent (all call) or sequential (line hunt) number dialing
  • Use as a "Follow Me, Find Me" service (like Wildfire, Bloodhound)
  • Default setting diverts to your SIP phone and leaves a voicemail message if you do not answer, then emails the audio (.wav file) as an attachment.
  • Easy Voicemail Retrieval - Call from a "registered" phone and be immediately diverted to your voicemail menu.
  • Call Screening - Whitelist, Blacklist and Greylist phone numbers. If not recognised or no CLI the calling party must identify themself, then you listen to their name and decide whether to accept or refuse the call. No more unwanted Spam Calls from telemarketers.
  • Call Recording - Record the call while you are on the phone and have it emailed to you after you hang up.
  • Web PABX Example - A voice call to +61 2 8211 9166 will result a message being recorded into a voice WAV (audio) file and be sent to
  • Example 2 - A call to +61 2 8211 9166 will issues a voice message saying "To call the office press 1 : For Sales Press 2 : To call Glenn Press 3 : To leave a voicemail message Press 4 : To join a conference Press 5 : to listen to a list of scheduled meetings Press 6" Pressing any of the buttons 1 through 6 will divert the caller to that particular function or function.

Virtually Hosted PABX - Office PABX

Web PABX will actually domost things that the sig systems will do BUT you DO need to be sure that what you are trying to do CAN be done first. If not then you may need to consider our next level option, Office PABX, a virtually hosted Asterisk PABX.

Office PABX can usually do more than a hardware PABX AND has a simple upgrade path to more an more features when they become available and can be fully upgraded to a locally hosted PABX when your business requires it (based on economies of scale)


Custom Setup & Config is normally $99/hr (inc GST)

Maintenance / Support is $66/hr (inc GST) - 10 min blocks

We also have special system maintenance programs for a fixed monthly fee

Typical Requirements:

  • You provide Net2MAX login detail
  • You provide the sequence logic and call routing details
  • You supply the audio/voice files (we can convert them into the correct format):
  • Audio files are less than 60 minutes total running time

Additional Costs for...

Setup a Net2MAX account (est 60 mins) Create/record any non-standard voice/audio files< Hire any voice talent

PABX/IVR & Info/Sizzle Line Demos

  • PABX/IVR: 02 8211 9166 (61282119166)
  • Info Line Select: 02 8211 9169 (61282119169) - opt 4 on PABX
  • Info Line Direct: 02 8211 9109 (61282119109) - opt 6 on Info Line  

Default IVR Systems

We have a number of default IVR/PABX Systems for various companies and opportunities. They are priced way cheaper than custom systems as we have already designed, tested and commissioned them. All we have to do is clone the files to your account and do some simple changes. Pricing depends upon various factors so please call us to discuss options.

Team IVR Systems

If you wish your IVR system to be configured for a group of sales people or marketers so they can have their own personalised IVR/PABX then we can setup a group plan and pricing for you. Pricing depends upon various factors so please call us to discuss options.

Subscription Services If you have a Team system then, depending on configuration and pricing, we can also arrange a personal or group profit share model based on monthy service and maintenance fees.

Remember that this is only a small part of the complete SmartFone Web & Comms system. It can all be packaged to suit individual & corporate requirements.

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