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SmartFone Overview

SmartFone is Changing the Way the World Communicates

The Way it USED to be...SmartFone is not like your regular phone company. It is technically the world's most sophisticated integrated communications platform.

SmartFone now provides the world's highest performance Voice, Video, Data & Mobile (Quad-Play) network.

We use proven leading edge Integrated Multimedia & VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology provided through our global technology partnership with Net2MAX (, the world's Smartest IP Communications carrier.

The SmartFone Story - VIDEO (32 mins total)

The SmartFone Story & Overview
Interview with Glenn Bolton - SmartFone CEO & Founder

Overview - Part 1 (9:51)

Overview - Part 2 (9:54)

Overview - Part 3 (9:44)

Overview - Part 4 (3:06)

Exploding Global Market

There's over 3 billion telephone users on the planet now and industry gurus are telling us that every single one of them will be moving to VoIP technology in the next 5 to 10 years.

Skype, the world's best known VoIP service, added over 170 million users to their free system in 5 years.

We believe that, because of our world-leading technology and groundbreaking marketing, we can easily add over a million subscribers in 12 months.

Who knows how many we will get in the next 5 years?

How We Differ the Others

Unlike Skype and many other free or entry level VoIP systems, SmartFone does not restrict you to sitting in front of your computer or buying expensive PC add-ons to make phone calls. Sure, you CAN use your computer.

We provide a FREE Web Telephone that simply runs in a web browser on ANY computer connected to the internet. And that includes the new internet connected mobile smartphones like the Nokia N80 and Dopod 838 Pro.

Infinitely Scalable - from Home to Corporate

With SmartFone, as with many other VoIP service providers, you can still use your current analog (wired or cordless) handsets. Simply connect it to your home or business LAN with a cheap hardware device called an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA).

Home users, SoHo, SME and corporates can all grow with the technology. Scale upward as necessary and never have to change numbers. You can simply move locations and change call routing with a data entry on a secure webpage.

Every person and entity has their own unique global identification number which is mapped between the internet (VoIP) and the PSTN (regular phone system). This number also identifies you on at least 20 different integrated communications technologies.

Once connected you can place a call to any landline or mobile phone in the world at our amazingly low rates. You can also call ANY internet phone for free (even on our competitors' networks) and receive calls from virtually ANY phone in the world, no matter where you are located.

Global Phonecard Functions

SmartFone also provides hundreds of tollfree and local telephone access numbers around the world. A call to any of these numbers instantly connects you to our global network just like using a prepaid phonecard.

From then on all internal functions, like calls to ALL SmartFone users, are free. If you prefer you can call any global landline or mobile phone at our amazingly low rates.

The World's First Universal WebPhone

With our global technology partner & carrier, Net2MAX, we have also just released the world's first fully integrated browser-based telephone and communications & messsage centre called One Click Contact.

The concept is that you will only need ONE phone number for the whole world. All your communications can now be controlled through ONE account.

Free Fone Calls... Anytime, Anywhere

With SmartFone ONE, anyone can call ANY SmartFone subscriber for FREE from a wide range of internet connected devices. Ans SmartFone subscribers can then answer a call on whatever telephone device they wish, anywhere in the world."

Voice Information & Sizzle Lines

Personal Sizzle Lines (Voice Information Lines) are ideal for direct marketers who want to screen and inform their callers before having to talk to them.

Prospects, customers or associates call a local or freecall phone number and retrieve voice information over the telephone.

We can setup local numbers in virtually any country so you can market yourself into the world from one location. Combine the Sizzle Line with SmartWeb and you have the complete marketing package. And the systems talk to each other too!

Let the technology do the prospecting and information delivery, leaving you to get on with your life!

SmartFone Has It All

Never before has this level of integration of communication with audio, video and text ever been achieved.

Want to send video? Then click a button and video is simply added (of course you need a camera and the appropriate software of hardware).

Want Fax? Audio Conferencing? Video Broadcast to 100s? Instant messaging? Click to Call? Website Integration? Email Autoresponders? Personalised Websites?

We are the first ever company to give you the lot. And we're not going to rip you off either.

Cheap as Chips

Now you can call ANY landline, mobile or internet phone from ANYWHERE in the world, with just ONE global number, and not pay the world to do it.

We have FREE accounts for those who just want to try our service or you can get a fully functional SmartFone ONE (1CC) Global Internet Phone account for just a few dollars per month.

Lots of Nothing

There's no paperwork, no cancellation fees, no contracts, no hidden loopholes. Just straight-forward good service with some of the best call rates in the world to boot!

Intelligent Networking - Intelligent Business

SmartFone is more than just an intelligent communications network. It is also coupled to the world's most powerful (yet simple) global affiliate program.

Become a SmartFone member for free and get access to great services. Upgrade to get advanced services. Then tell the world about SmartFone and earn from the world's fastest growing communications sector.

SmartFoneAffiliate Rewards Program

Choose to be an affiliate and you can reap additional rewards by sharing SmartFone with your friends, family and associates, anywhere in the world.

Simply use our fantastic service yourself and refer others to your free affiliate website. If they purchase from your SmartShop or subscribe to our powerful web and phone services, you could receive handsome one-off commission or an ongoing percentage of their monthly service fees!

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